Suze Morrison MPP, Toronto Centre

Government of Ontario

Celebrating Black History Month in Toronto Centre

Published on February 27, 2020

Happy Black History Month! Toronto Centre is home to so many incredible and inspiring Black activists. My Office has worked to honour the important contributions of Black community organizers on our social media. Included are a few of the community champions we highlighted this February.


Spotlight #1: Sureya Ibrahim

If you know Sureya, you know she gives everything to her community. She founded the Regent Park Catering Collective and Sewing Studio, two social enterprises that train & employ immigrant women!

Spotlight #2: Trustee Chris Moise!

Chris Moise advances equity & social justice at the TDSB. He put forward the successful motion to discontinue the SRO, and continuously advocates for a more inclusive school board! Thank you for making schools safer

Spotlight #3: Angela Critchlow

Angela has supported low-income families with healthy food & nutrition programs for decades as a founder & champion of Sole Support Mothers, a community food program in Regent Park. Thank you for being a pillar of our community Angela!

Spotlight #4: Sharon McMillan

If you live in St Lawrence Market you know Sharon is a longtime Executive Member of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, both as a President & VP Marketing. She's also Co-President of arts org Jamii & a sustainability, accessibility & equity advocate. 


Spotlight #5: Peta Francis

Peta is a relentless tenant organizer, work that earned her the Female Changemaker Award at the 2019 St. James Town Festival. She & her fellow organizers hold their landlord accountable and stand up for marginalized tenants every day.

Spotlight #6: Don Collymore

Not only is Don a tenant organizer, he also received the Pride Toronto 2019 Spirit Award for his tireless work ensuring Queer & Trans Black people are reflected in LGBTIQ+ community activism & programs.