Suze Morrison MPP, Toronto Centre

Government of Ontario

Stop COVID-19 Evictions


WHEREAS renters across Ontario are currently having a hard time paying rent and other bills, especially if they have lost their income during the Covid-19 pandemic;

WHEREAS there will be a rise in evictions across Ontario once the pandemic is declared over and the moratorium on the enforcement of evictions is lifted. Rent across Ontario is already too high and many families are barely managing to live month-to-month; with homelessness already a crisis;

WHEREAS tenants are finding it increasingly difficult to find reasonable places to live once evicted, in part due to rent raises not being regulated between tenancies;

WHEREAS the rights of tenants are already limited, andthe Ontario Landlord & Tenant Board is in dire need of resources

THEREFORE WE, the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

  • Immediately halt Bill 184;
  • Subsidize 80 percent of rent up to $2,500 for four months for tenants who have lost income due to the pandemic
  • restrict rent increases on both current units as well as new units post- 2018;
  • Ensure that the Landlord & Tenant Board’s rules prioritize a tenant’s ability to preserve their home through the dispute resolution process;
  • Ban all Covid-19-related evictions.
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