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  • signed Save the Foundry 2021-01-19 14:33:48 -0500

    Save the Foundry

    Whereas the provincial government has not contacted city of Toronto staff or the City Councillor regarding construction or demolition of the Foundry at the Dominion Foundry Complex at 153 to 185 Eastern Avenue;

    Whereas this land contains the Dominion Foundry Complex, the largest concentration of heritage buildings to be preserved within the 80 acre precinct, and the demolition of these heritage assets would be an incalculable detriment to proper city planning; 

    Whereas the MZO issued for this site contradicts the principles of good, local planning that should be driven by local communities and the long-term public interest, not dictated by heavy handed orders from the province;

    1,032 signatures

    Therefore we, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to call on the Provincial Government to immediately stop any and all demolition activity of the Foundry buildings and to work collaboratively with the City of Toronto, communities and stakeholders on this important site, without exception. 

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  • signed No COVID evictions 2020-12-02 10:56:12 -0500

    No COVID evictions


    No one should be forced out of their home in the middle of the pandemic. 

    COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of having a safe, secure place to call home. 

    Right now thousands of tenants are unable to pay their rent and are about to be evicted. Many have nowhere to go. They are on the verge of becoming homeless - in winter, in the middle of the pandemic. 

    Lives are at risk. 

    On February 16th my bill to Stop to COVID evictions will be debated in the legislature. 

    We need the Provincial government to take action on this important issue and pass the bill as soon as possible. 

    Help us organize to Stop COVID evictions:

    1. Call and email the Premier and the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Ask them to stop COVID evictions. 

    Premier Doug Ford


    [email protected]

    Hon. Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing 


    [email protected]

    2. Tell your friends and family to contact their local MPP and ask them to put pressure on the Premier to sign an emergency order to ban COVID evictions today. 

    Find your local MPP Here. 

    3. Sign the petition below to call on the provincial government to reinstate the moratorium on evictions and prohibit evictions for the nonpayment of rent for the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    746 signatures

    WHEREAS renters across Ontario are currently having a hard time paying rent and other bills, especially if they have lost their income during the Covid-19 pandemic;

    WHEREAS rent across Ontario is already too high and many families are barely managing to live month-to-month; shelters in communities across Ontario are full and with homelessness already a crisis;

    WHEREAS the rights of tenants are already limited, and the Ontario Landlord & Tenant Board is expediting eviction hearings without consideration to the public health consequence of pushing tenants out of their homes in the middle of pandemic; 


    That, in the opinion of this House, the provincial government should immediately take additional steps to help protect residential tenants by reinstating the temporary moratorium on residential evictions until Ontario has entered a post-pandemic recovery period and by prohibiting evictions for nonpayment of rent for the period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • signed Save the Village 2020-06-03 15:04:38 -0400

    Save the Village

    This is a copy of MPP Suze Morrison's Letter to the Honourable MP Bill Morneau calling for changes to the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program to save the Church and Wellesley Village.

    54 signatures

    MPP Suze Morrison supports MPP Andrea Horwath's Save Main Street Plan. MPP Morrison is deeply concerned about the impact COVID-19 is having on local businesses and has circulated this open letter thanking businesses for the courage and perseverance.



    MPP Andrea Horwath has said small and medium-sized businesses, charities and community-based non-profits need more help to make it through the COVID-19 storm, and the provincial government should offer that lifeline.

    “Many small and medium-sized businesses, non-profits and charities are counting down the number of days they can keep their heads above water since COVID-19 has taken away their revenue,” said Horwath. “We not only want them to survive, we want them to be able to keep staff on the payroll as much as possible.

    “The federal wage subsidy program and loan options are a welcome relief, but still leave small operations unable to pay the rent and bills without sinking into debt. The provincial government can solve that problem.”

    Horwath’s said small and medium-sized businesses, charities and community-based non-profits should get help from the province, including:

    • A 75 per cent commercial rent subsidy up to $10,000 a month for three months
    • A commercial evictions freeze
    • A utility payment freeze
    • A remote-work set up fund, which could help them with things like setting up an online retail operation, or buying laptops and software for staff
    • An auto insurance grace period for taxis and car-sharing drivers, established in partnership with the insurance industry and the Financial Services Regulatory Authority
    • A designated emergency fund for small businesses and entrepreneurs who have faced historic barriers to accessing traditional capital, as proposed by the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce.

    I am calling on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to recognize that:

    The Church & Wellesley Village is one of the main queer and Trans community hubs in Ontario and has a significant cultural value. 2SLGBTQ+ communities are disproportionately affected by the pandemic. It is imperative that queer and Trans owned businesses survive and continue to thrive in the Village, despite paying some of the highest commercial rents in Ontario. It is also imperative that all those who call this community home are housed with appropriate supports.

    We call on the government to:

    • Provide a 75% commercial rent subsidy of up to $10,000 for three months
    • Implement a ban on commercial evictions
    • Provide a utility payment freeze
    • Provide further financial assistance to municipalities to help boost housing programs and address the issue of chronic homelessness.

    Add your name to support saving the Village today.

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