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March 16, 2020

Changes at My Community Office to Follow Public Health Recommendations

I know that the past week has been a challenging time in Toronto and across Ontario. In the weeks ahead we will face new and evolving difficulties as we work through this epidemic. I also know that... More
March 11, 2020

Help filing your taxes

MPP Suze Morrison's Office has put together this list of community resources to help you file your taxes. List & Classification of Tax Clinics in Toronto Centre (CRA)   General Rules for Tax Cl... More
February 27, 2020

Celebrating Black History Month in Toronto Centre

Happy Black History Month! Toronto Centre is home to so many incredible and inspiring Black activists. My Office has worked to honour the important contributions of Black community organizers on ou... More
February 18, 2020

MPP Suze Morrison—Access to Justice is the Purpose of Legal Aid

In February 2019 MPP Morrison spoke about the serious implications Bill 161 will have for Ontarians struggling to access justice. More
February 6, 2020

MPP Morrison Advocates for Tenants' Rent Reducations After an Above the Guideline Rent Increase

Tenants are entitled to rent reduction after above the guideline increases to rent on their unit expire. If an AGI on your unit has expired and your rent has not been reduced and you are a constit... More
February 3, 2020

Celebrating Food in Toronto Centre

Food brings Toronto Centre together — creating jobs, joy, and community. I used my time commenting on Bill 163 to celebrate the hard work people in Toronto Centre do to feed their neighbours and c... More
January 23, 2020

Meet MPP Suze Morrison at Community Coffee on January 30, 2020

MPP Suze Morrison is holding a Coffee in the Community on Thursday January 30, 2020 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at The Black Canary Espresso Bar at 61 Sherbourne Street (between King and Adelaide on the Ea... More
December 3, 2019

MPP Suze Morrison Introduces the Rent Control Act

On Monday December 2, 2019, MPP Suze Morrison introduced the Rent Control Act. The Act would ensure all rental units in Ontario for tenants are under the protection of rent control. You can sign a... More
November 29, 2019

MPP Suze Morrison Calls on Ontario Government to Condemn Islamophobia and Bill 21

In late November 2019, MPP Suze Morrison called on Ontario to condemn Bill 21 — an Islamophobic Bill from Quebec that is worsening a climate of fear in many Ontario communities. More
November 25, 2019

MPP Suze Morrison Calls on Ontario Government to Restore Rent Control

On November 25, 2019 MPP Suze Morrison called on the Ontario Government to restore rent control for all units in Ontario. More