Suze Morrison MPP, Toronto Centre

Government of Ontario

May 7 Newsletter: Remembering Pina

Published on May 7, 2020

Dear friends,


It’s been a tough week in our community. From the loss of a prominent community member in the Church and Wellesley Village, to the closure of local businesses in our neighbourhoods — I know our hearts are heavy.


Remembering Pina Newman



Pina Newman was a young Trans woman who was an activist, outreach coordinator at Pieces to Pathways and a beloved member of the Church & Wellesley and 2SLGBTQ+ communities. She was an active volunteer at The 519 and involved at Sherbourne Health as well as actively present in the community as a friend and a mentor.



I know many in the community are grieving her loss, and I’d like to share my condolences to Pina’s family, chosen family, and friends. I know she will be missed greatly.


If you are a member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community in Toronto Centre and you need to be connected with mental health or grief resources please don't hesitate to reach out to my office and we will connect you: [email protected]


Small Business Closures


This week I was also saddened to learn that several local businesses have permanently closed their doors as a direct result of the impacts of COVID-19 including:


  • Club 120/120 Diner – Church and Richmond
  • Second Cup – Front and Church
  • The Body Shop – Church and Wellesley
  • Chef Gourmet – Church and Wellesley
  • Dove Depot Cleaners – Church and Wellesley


Small businesses, like residential tenants, have been surviving an unsustainable increase in rent costs through the housing crisis. Local businesses that were already at the brink are now buckling without more support from government. If we believe in a fair economy where small businesses can compete and create good local jobs, we cannot let them fail.


But the current supports for small businesses are failing our communities. MPP Andrea Horwath and I have been fighting for relief for small businesses – including putting forward a proposal to Save Main Street businesses.


Our small businesses need us right now. Please sign the petition on my website here calling on the Provincial Government to step in with a real plan to support our small business community.